Steel structure manufacturer: talk about and analyze the difficult problems in steel structure construction

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Steel structure manufacturer: talk about and analyze the difficult problems in steel structure construction In China, the Technical Research Committee, the Strengthening Technical Standards Committee and other group members have been established in order to form a dynamic academic discussion and experience summary of the natural environment of the steel structure addition and renovation project.

Steel structure manufacturer: talk about and analyze the difficult problems in steel structure construction
As a new structural reinforcement method, the steel structure reinforcement technology is better than reinforced concrete in many aspects such as research and development, economic development and so on. But it is not common.

Research trends of steel structure additions At present, the development of housing additions and renovation in China is relatively early. In order to adapt to the rapid development of building reinforcement, upgrading and reconstruction of steel structure, and better realize the reinforcement, upgrading and reconstruction of old buildings, the technical research committee, reinforcement technical standards committee and other group members have been established in China in order, forming a dynamic academic discussion, experience summary and natural environment of steel structure reinforcement, upgrading and reconstruction project.
The number of floors to be upgraded is too many or not suitable for immediate villa reconstruction in the existing structure. Generally, this type of villa renovation and renovation technology is also called structural villa renovation structure. The reconstruction structure of frame villa is mainly divided into single-sided structure and single-sided structure. The coat structure on the previous floor is separated from the old house, and the latter floor also indicates that the coat structure is connected with the old house structure.
At this stage, there are many projects that use steel structures in the field of engineering construction, but there are many problems in the daily life of steel structures in manufacturing and use. I hope I can summarize the common phenomena in the use of steel structures and help you. In case of the following situations, we must pay attention to them in order to prevent potential safety hazards.
Steel structure manufacturer: common problems in steel structure engineering
Damage: In the steel structure project, the steel surface part has local thin skin overlap.
Bubble: the surface part of building steel shows desert flash
Residue: adding non-metallic materials to the internal structure of building steel
Level: the cross section of thick steel plate is divided into two layers along the direction of stainless steel thickness
Cracks: In the steel structure engineering, the steel surface is interrupted in the crisscross direction, in various forms.
Lack of corner of the house: the long and short sides of the building steel or part of the house lack of corner, and the lack of corner surface of the house is not smooth.
Imprint: The surface of the roller is attached with a layer of metal oxide of iron core.
Rust: metal oxide oxidized by air after cold rolling of construction steel
The indoor layout of steel structure works is flexible and the price is relatively expensive. The internal structural partition wall of the steel structure works is used for the indoor layout with relatively small bearing capacity (such as large capacity, exhaust, reverse, hierarchical, etc.), its thickness is about 1/2 of the traditional structure, and the total internal use area is increased. More than 10% of the house price has reached 92%. The raw material has no load-bearing beam, and the relative height of the floor has been increased by more than 200 mm. Expand the use area of living space, reduce urban garbage and environmental pollution, building decoration materials can be recycled and reused, steel structure as the main raw material to promote the rapid development of China's real estate, decorative building materials, and hardware industries, composite wall and wood flooring are selected for steel structure engineering, and a variety of mechanical equipment, pipelines, anti-theft systems, intercom systems, etc. are integrated, which has good seismic resistance, convenient use, and convenience Comfortable.
Advantages of steel structure engineering: the steel structure engineering is 30% - 50% lighter than the concrete structure construction, and the steel structure section is small, the thickness is 1/2 of the traditional structure, and the total internal use area is increased by more than 10%. The house price reached 92%. The shape design is novel and unique, fully showing the characteristics of steel structure and modernist architecture. Comprehensive service life of steel structure engineering: 70~100 years.
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